Are you shipping gifts out to loved ones this holiday season? We know you might be in a bit of a rush to get everything packed up and shipped out on time, but if you want to make sure your holiday packages arrive safely, it’s important that you follow a few simple tips:


  • Choose sturdy packaging—The box or barrel you pack your shipment in acts as the main defense for the contents inside. Make sure you choose strong packaging that keeps your shipment protected. ImEx Cargo offers high quality boxes and barrels if you need them.
  • Wrap all items carefully—Make sure to wrap each item being shipped individually in plenty of bubble wrap. For example, if you’re shipping a set of plates, you should wrap each plate individually, not all of them together.
  • Use plenty of cushioning—Give the contents of your package extra protection with foam peanuts. Make sure the contents have peanuts on all sides, and fill the box to its brim so that everything inside is held in place.
  • Insure your shipment—Cargo shipping insurance is inexpensive, and it’s the best way to fully protect your financial interest when shipping gifts.