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We are here to help with your special cargo.

ImEx Cargo is a certified expert when it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and life-saving medical equipment across the globe.

We understand the importance of keeping product integrity during transport. Our cold chain supply solutions help to maintain product integrity/ temperature control at all levels of transport providing end to end solutions.

ImEx Cargo for all of your healthcare shipments

From vaccines, laboratory equipment, MRI/MRT machines to blood samples and beyond: ImEx Cargo is your partner with an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. We understand cool chain. We are here to help. Always. Worldwide.

Imex Cargo Pharma and Healthcare
  • Exact temperature monitoring from acceptance to delivery
  • Special packaging solutions and thermal blankets for palletized shipments
  • Dedicated, skilled staff trained in handling healthcare products
  • Full compliance with IATA TCR and CEIV certification
  • Customer service support 24/7, online track&trace option for all shipments
  • QEP certified network
  • Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 with three compartments enabling different temperature settings from 4°C to 29°C
  • Temperature control facilities on majority of stations throughout our network
  • High-tech hub at International Airport with effective connections to deliver cool chain cargo worldwide
  • Tailor-made logistics solutions based on your individual requirements
  • Pharma active

The solution for time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products that need to be shipped in active containers, including dry ice technologies. Goods shipped are kept at a constant temperature throughout the entire cargo journey.

  • Pharma passive

A solution for prepackaged pharmaceutical products. Within required temperature ranges and by seasonal consideration of routes, healthcare goods are shipped effectively.

ImEx Cargo utilizes the following containers to ensure the safety


ImEx Cargo Guidebook for healthcare shipments

We give you 100% transparency of our cold chain integrity.

We operate an extensive quality approved Constant Climate network around the globe. We have trained staff and specialist facilities to ensure your pharma cargo stays within its temperature regulations as a vital part of the cold chain.


Our routes and schedules

Our routes include ORD - SVO, ATL - FRA, MIA - SDQ, MIA - GEO, MIA - SJU, MIA - POS and more. Connect with us for the updated schedules!

Our Partners

We have expanded our network by collaborating with reliable partners. Our worldwide network enables us to connect customers to the world's largest cargo markets.


Meet AirBridge Cargo

AirBridgeCargo (ABC) is the leading all-cargo carrier in Russia and operates among the top ten international cargo airlines worldwide.

  • ABC hub - an innovation center at Sheremetyevo International Airport
  • ABC is fully compliant with IATA TCR and CEIV certified
  • Strong pharma network

Meet StratAir

StratAir is committed to a high level of safety, Efficiency and Operational Excellence. It aims to provide the best value and best-in-class customer service in the air cargo industry.

  • Specialists in pharmaceuticals
  • Freighter, GSA and Partner stations throughout the US, Caribbean and South America

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