Airline GSA/ GSSA Service

ImEx Cargo

is dedicated to providing high-quality local infrastructure, market knowledge, and sales processes and is able to provide sales and marketing assistance to an airline without the airline having to incur the expense to build up their own staff in New England. Through our extensive background, expertise and linkages in the New England cargo market, ImEx Cargo gives unparalleled service to airlines, forwarders, and shippers. In addition, as one of the only Woman-Owned, local, independent GSSA’s, we offer benefits available from state and federal agencies for contracting to Woman-Owned businesses that few other GSSA’s, which are generally international conglomerates, can offer. ImEx Cargo gives its customers and partners the tools and support they need to maximize their success in the New England cargo industry and ship products and materials locally, nationally and internationally.


Airline Partners

ImEx Cargo has cooperated with different major cargo airlines in the world. ...

Air Freight / Ocean Freight

Air Freight / Ocean Freight

In ImEx Cargo, we handle different commodities of cargo in order to fulfill our clients ...

air freight

Airport - Airport

In ImEx Cargo, our service professional team can assist our clients to drop the freight in the airport. ...

GSA sales service


Our professional sales team will help our airline partner growth their revenue ...

GSA Marketing


Our marketing team help our clients to spread out their brand names. ...

Public Relations


Our teams are well connected to the local market and experienced in event handling for the community ...

Finance Service

Finance Service

Our finance team provide sales return and AWB handling for our client ...

ImEx Cargo Building

Operation Management

Our operating team can assist our clients to have a optimized capacity management ...

City | State | Federal Partnering Opportunities, Who is a Diverse Supplier?

City | State | Federal Partnering Opportunities

Supplier Diversity gives us opportunity to acquire partnerships with other companies. ...

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