The GE Supplier Diversity Program was launched in 1974 to ensure that the company focuses on doing what is right for communities and Company. GE believes that excellence in supplier diversity can result in excellence in supply chain management and lead to growth for all. GE continually strives to grow their diverse supplier base, and annually they recognize those in the Company who successfully support their Supplier Diversity Program.

GE is dedicated to the purpose and goals of a strong Supplier Diversity Program. GE is constantly striving to build on its Supplier Diversity Program in an effort to identify small, small disadvantaged, and women-owned small businesses for subcontracting opportunities and provide them maximum practicable opportunities consistent with efficient contract performance

GE- Women’s Network

The Women’s Network was created in 1997 to help the women working at GE advance their careers and the company’s business. This effort includes sharing the experience, best-practices, and knowledge of successful women role models: the executive team represents a diverse group of women from each of GE’s businesses and critical corporate functions. Today the rapidly growing Women’s Network has evolved into a worldwide organization of over 150 Hubs (Chapters) in 43 countries helping thousands of women around the world.

The Women’s Network is all about growth. It exists for the more than 100,000 women working at GE to cultivate their leadership skills, business practices, personal contacts and career opportunities. By engaging and developing our membership in areas such as technology and sales, we are working to provide the growth leaders who will ensure GE’s success going forward.

All Women’s Network events share the goal of professional development. Typical examples include workshops, speaker engagements, mentoring and networking activities. We also reach out to the communities in which we operate, partnering with local organizations to contribute physical and financial resources for those in need.