Saying that Cargo Network Services (CNS) would no longer be perceived in any quarter of air cargo as only for the rich and influential companies, President Jens Tubbesing opened the 17th Annual Partnership Conference in San Diego today.

Promising new initiatives to reach into air cargo to unlock participation from small and medium sized freight forwarders and ground handlers, Mr. Tubbesing declared that 2007 would be the year that CNS launches “a road show” with a campaign to visit and enlist participation from a broad spectrum of U.S. air cargo companies located in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami.

Speaking before a record audience at any CNS Partnership Mr. Tubbesing declared that the IATA organization will be a powerful force for change and that inclusion of companies both large and small will drive the wagon from this point forward.

Later Mick Fountain, (pictured right) Chairman CNS Advisory Board outlined a new format for CNS Partnership that included first day sessions on three different tracks meant to simplify CASS-USA use and understanding, e-Freight and Cargo 2000.

“The World Cargo Symposium last month in Mexico City was a big success.
“CNS has approved and is promoting the IATA Cargo agenda including quality benchmarks, security, efreight and more.”
Keynote speaker Monika Ribar, President & CEO of Panalpina said for her part she was both proud and glad to be given the opportunity to address what has traditionally been an “all boys club” in the air cargo business.
“I’ll admit that it’s a man’s world,” she said.
“But the good news are the possibilities.”
Monika went on to declare big changes in the upper management of the Swiss firm will come forth at that company’s annual general meeting in mid-May.
Later as Ms. Ribar unveiled an extensive line-up of upper level executives’ pictures on power point, it was noted that despite Panalpina being one of the few companies in or out of air cargo to gain parity with roughly a 50/50 split amongst male and female employees, she in fact was the only top female executive at the firm.
“As a matter of fact there are three of us” she assured, “and plenty of room for more.”
Panalpina, we learned is now number three in the world in air freight, number 40 in the ocean freight business with 500 offices in 160 countries and 14,000 employees.
Ms. Ribar said Africa is an area of certain growth for Panalpina and also a place where “social responsibility in Ghana for example has seen our support for programs to aid in critical eye care that is saving people’s vision in that country.”

pic2Table turning…At any industry event all that “up close and personal” coverage of various executives that you read is in fact generated by some hard working reporters, dedicated air cargo executives (willing to take a beating to advance their cause).
But at the very beginning these stories are set up by top notch marketing and public relations professionals like Heide Enfield (Lufthansa Charter) and Bernd Maresch (SWISS) who our photographer caught in an unguarded moment as CNS continued.
Here is the picture that launched at least a million trade shows, including CNS.
In a world of constant monitoring and sales reports and taxes and kids and all kinds of other objectives, here comes the night and music and friends and maybe even a couple of adult beverages.
Tomorrow will come soon enough.
Tonight is for us.
Pictured left to right, Eric Pennucci, Horizon Air Cargo, Steven Rakies, Pride Worldwide, Michelle DeFronzo, Imex Cargo and Felicia Rizzza, Horizon Air Cargo
Most Happy Fella.
At CNS not only is Mark Najarian glad to have made the move from top sales and marketing to top operations at American Airlines Cargo, but the venerable air cargo executive is vowing new “levels of understanding” between all aspects of the transportation stream.
“The basic idea is that everybody has the opportunity to better know what to expect inside and outside the airline.”
“We are excited all over again.”
No argument here.

pic4 Highlighting the program today Tuesday May 1 will be a special tribute to John C. Emery, Jr. who passed away April 19, delivered by air cargo legend and past CNS Chairman Guenter Rohrmann.
The Emery salute will include a moment of silence as measure of respect to mark the great man’s passing.
Following will be a much-anticipated address by Carsten Spohr, CEO & Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo who will speak to the challenges of innovation during difficult times.
Lufthansa may have to search deep down to find anything difficult about recent record profits.
Later Tuesday a blue ribbon panel including Jack Boisen of Continental Airlines Cargo (left) will attempt to tackle the hot button topic “New Security Legislation”.