ImEx Cargo provides the sales, service and local representation in a market area that may not be actively pursued directly by your airline or company.
ImEx Cargo is designed to promote, market and effectively sell air cargo transportation to all outbound destinations handled by the designated carrier providing increased sales.

Barrel shipping

Barrel shipping can be a very economical way to ship items, especially if you have large quantities of goods that need to be delivered to a friend, relative or loved one in another country or across the nation. Barrel shipping is not the right solution in every situation but it

Local/National Warehousing & Distribution Services

Our warehousing and distribution services are regularly audited and analyzed to ensure that it meets the contemporary business models, and any and all upgrades are made to ensure our services continue to help our clients meet their logistic requirements efficiently.

Our logistics team have years

3 Simple Tips for Shipping to Trinidad

When you need to ship something to Trinidad—whether it’s a commercial shipment to a customer or just a package to a loved one—you want to make sure the entire process is as simple and hassle-free as possible. After all, your main goal is to make sure your cargo reaches its

The worldwide air freight market saw an impressive but temporary spike in February, as collective cargo volumes jumped 11.7% year-over-year (YOY), up 8.5 points from January, according to IATA’s February Air Freight Market Analysis. Total market air freight capacity was up 7.4% YOY, up 3.3 points from the previous month;

Marketing Shipping and Logistics

By Joe Waters and Joanna MacDonald from Cause Marketing For Dummies
After design and printing, shipping can be a big expense for cause marketing point-of-sale programs. Here are your different options and related suggestions to simplify logistics and use your resources as efficiently as possible:

Work with warehouse

Supply Chain Consultancy, HOW TO SHIP AIR FREIGHT

Sometimes you have to send something that is too big to be sent by post, and to important/urgent to be sent by sea freight. Then air freight is the right option for you.
1. First thing you need to do, is to make sure everything is packed well


Latest monthly data from the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) shows that international freight tonne km (FTK) surged 20.5 per cent last month, outpacing a 12.6 per cent increase in offered freight capacity.
AAPA said that the result – based on preliminary data – was a 4.2 percentage


Amerijet understands your time is important, so if you need a fast solution for any last minute shipments we offer an effective time-sensitive service called General Cargo Express (GCX).
Here are some of the perks of using GCX:

Your package – small box or heavy cargo– will be

20th anniversary

20 Years Anniversary in Guyana
Amerijet International, Inc. is a full-service carrier providing regional and international, scheduled all-cargo service, which started operations in Guyana in 1995. With the support of its local customers and agent, Total Aircargo Sales and Handling Agency Inc. they operate two all-cargo flights per week to/from

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