No matter your party affiliation, we all know that women-owned businesses know how to get the job done.
Find out how three WBENC-Certified WBEs leveraged their certification to gain business and deliver services in a high-pressure environment this summer.

Volga-Dnepr Group and GE announce the global strategic partnership.

The GE Supplier Diversity Program was launched in 1974 to ensure that the company focuses on doing what is right for communities and Company. GE believes that excellence in supplier diversity can result in excellence in supply chain management and lead to growth for all. GE continually strives to grow

ImEx Cargo just acquired the new certificate issued by the City of Boston
SLBE stands for Small Local Business Enterprise.
SBE stands for Small Business Enterprise.
Therefore, ImEx Cargo is certified as an SLBE & SBE in the following NAICS classification(s):
Transportation, Logistic, Air Freight, Trucking (NAICS: 481112; 484110)

ImEx Cargo just acquired the new certificate issued by the MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY (MassPort)
ACDBE stands for Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Therefore, ImEx Cargo is certified as an ACDBE in the following NAICS classification(s) only:
488999: ALL

WBE (Women’s business enterprise)

WBE Certificate stands for Woman Business Enterprise and denotes that a woman (or women) has majority ownership and control of a business entity. The WBE Certification Program is not an endorsement of applicants goods, services, pricing, or profitability.

DBE (Disadvantaged business enterprise)
The Department’s


Are you looking to ship temperature sensitive, perishable, cargo? Then you need to make sure your shipping company can handle all of your needs!
Here are 9 questions you should ask before choosing the right shipping company for you:

Does my shipping company offer friendly customer service to help meet


“I want to know, serve, and employ Latinos!”said Boston-born, Italian American Michelle DeFronzo, owner of ImEx Cargo, GSA for Cathay Pacific Cargo for more than ten years, Amerijet Cargo, and others, to newspaper El Mundo recently. Michelle is an enthusiastic, inclusive, genuine self-starter who also serves as President of the

ImEx Cargo can provide the competitive information concerning local market rates and conditions you need for greater bargaining leverage and smarter operational decisions.
By outsourcing airline cargo sales to a GSA, the airline will not only cut costs but also become more efficient in the increasingly competitive global economy by

As general sales agents offer a competitive advantage by working closely with agents, customers and airlines providing the knowledge, expertise, sales and customer service to assist your airline in gaining market share within its territory. This allows your airline to apply valuable time and energy focusing on your departing gateway

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