Cargo Screening Services

Cargo Screening Services

Utilizing our cargo partners ImEx Cargo can help with and then use the below verbiage

We can help with your TSA mandated Security Requirements!
ImEx Cargo is the only 3PL TSA approved Certified Cargo Screening Facility in Boston
  • Located at 480 McClellan Highway, East Boston. (Less than 1 mile from Logan International Airport)
  • Secure 11,000 sq ft screening facility with 8 security cameras.
  • TSA approved X-ray and ETD cargo screening equipment. 

“The most advanced multi-view computed tomography and software technology in the industry pair up with unmatched high-resolution image quality in the revolutionary MVT-HR. The result: superior threat analysis and resolution. The MVT-HR meets the most stringent explosives detection standards of regulatory agencies worldwide.”

“The IONSCAN 500DT fills the growing need of security professionals to have the ability to detect a wide range of substances and to be able to
adapt as threats and their needs change. By incorporating two IMS detectors in a single unit, the IONSCAN 500DT is capable of detecting and identifying explosives and narcotics during a single analysis, giving you the ability to detect a broader range of substances while maintaining the high sensitivity and specificity you expect from Smiths Detection.”
 Cargo must be broken down to the piece level and screened by piece

All cargo must be screened at the piece level by TSA-approved methods prior to being loaded on a passenger aircraft. Screening at CSS 3PL Facilities will help reduce carrier delays, cargo backlogs, and keep transit time on schedule.

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