Air Cargo Club New England Event

We’re launching 2017 with a look at some of the air cargo industry events and trade shows coming up in the year ahead.
But before you consider these options, many of which will be far-flung depending on where you are based, please consider the organized air cargo activity taking place right in your own backyard. It’s important to the industry as a whole that we all get involved with our local airport or transportation industry club or association!

In The U.S.A., Go Local

      Local air cargo clubs are nothing new and draw people from every aspect of the business including airports, airlines, forwarders, customs brokers, truckers, warehouse, and more.
It is exactly this diverse dynamic that maintains a foundation and framework where an active, engaged membership can build monthly or quarterly air cargo community contact meetings for networking and education.
Engaged local airport air cargo communities can greatly help each other, sharing activities such as charity golf, air cargo days, and extended educational seminar events on specific subjects.

Doing The Most Good

      Some U.S. clubs that we have attended and observed over the years (both large and small) do a truly great job of bringing the community together for good. The Atlanta Air Cargo Association, JFK Air Cargo Association, International Air Cargo Association of Chicago, Air Cargo Club of New England, Los Angeles Air Cargo Association, and Air Cargo DFW Association stand out amongst the best.

Disappearing Act

      Sadly, there are some others—most notably, the Portland Air Cargo Association (PACA)—that have simply disappeared from the scene. A simple post on the PACA website notes:
“After nearly 50 years, the Portland Air Cargo Association (PACA) is on an indefinite hiatus.
“Anyone interested in continuing the organization, please contact us through this website.”
PACA is not an isolated incident. The New Orleans Air Cargo Association also seems to have fallen by the wayside, along with some others.

American Forwards Dallas This Week

      An outstanding example of what can be generated locally by an informed and active air cargo community occurs this week on January 11 at the American Airlines Training & Conference Center in Fort Worth, Texas, with an afternoon forum and open discussion about air cargo challenges specific to Dallas.
To paraphrase an old adage, “as Dallas goes, so goes the world.”
Cost is either $55USD or $75USD (non-AfA member).
Sponsored by the Airforwarders Association, American Airlines, and DFW Airport, the agenda includes “an amazing panel of speakers on local and national issues affecting the air cargo community.”

The Greater Award

      We think air cargo clubs and associations organized for the greater good are a natural treasure.
In too many cases these not-for-profit groups operate just slightly under the radar, relying on a few people who put their hearts and soul into keeping things going.
In reality, awards from air cargo clubs are the most notable industry recognition any of us might ever hope to receive.
Everyone in this business stands to gain if clubs and organizations gather broad-based industry strength, not only in addressing local issues, but also by consolidating thoughts and sharing the air cargo experience with others.
Here are some options to think about as we pack our bags and get ready to depart to faraway places.

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