Amerijet understands your time is important, so if you need a fast solution for any last minute shipments we offer an effective time-sensitive service called General Cargo Express (GCX).

Here are some of the perks of using GCX:

  1. Your package – small box or heavy cargo– will be on the next flight available;
  2. Your shipments can be sent on both international and U.S domestic flights;
  3. In order to make it even easier to ship with Amerijet , we provide electronic cargo booking to confirm shipping reservations and speed up the process;
  4. To offer you peace of mind while your freight is being sent, GCX includes extra protection with Air Cargo Insurance, covering your shipment against any damage or physical loss;
  5. Because this is a time-sensitive service, your shipment will be given the highest boarding priority.

EXTRA: All General Cargo Express shipments have transfer alerts, keeping you informed on the status of your package.

To learn more about Amerijet’s GCX, visit