Q: What made you start ImEx Cargo?

A: Early on I knew that I wanted to work for myself but I never imagined it would be in logistics/ freight in a million years. I had an overwhelming sense of curiosity and passion that always had me questioning and wanting to learn more and more about shipping cargo and the cargo business. Every time a truck was going by I was often thinking about where it was going, where it had traveled from and what was being shipped inside the truck. I love so many things about it, the problem solving, the people, the clients and my cargo colleagues. I couldn’t get enough. This was one of the best career moves I made as my passion for logistics and cargo was overwhelming with the simple desire to work for myself and be my own boss and make my own money and make my family proud. I really didn’t give a lot of thought to growing the company and having employees when I started out. It was pretty much about having the financial freedom, being able to take care of myself, my family and with the desire to retire comfortably without the stress of financial worry that’s always been the end game.